Just ’cause

Thought since I will likely write more about my dog, Luca, that you should at least see him. He’s a terrier mix (aka mutt), he pays heed to his nose before his ears, leash, or me. These are some plants I noticed today before the rain hit; and the clip is my fluff-muffin earlier this week during our morning walk. He gets the same route every morning; evening it changes up and we go for much longer.


Daily Details

I was recently on a date and I gushed about how much I love my dog. Not only is he adorable and loves to lick my nose, eye glasses, and forehead, but he has brought blessings into my life. Without him I would miss out on simple joys in life. As a crafty person, I already enjoy neat and easily missed details.

With my pup, I notice moments that I would otherwise miss.

  • the ruby-throated hummingbird at 7:24am
  • a morning glory blooming through the roots of a hawthorne bush
  • the sunset at 6:57pm

I have to look down at the ground when I walk him in the mornings to ensure he is not eating something that he shouldn’t. When I look at his eye level, I catch glimpses of beauty, gravity, etc that I would have otherwise miss if I were to have stayed in bed and not have him out for a morning walk.

I would have missed the dandelions spurting through the lawn of a $4,000/month apartment’s lawn by the beach. No matter where you live or what you earn, there’s weeds in all the lawns. But, do you cherish them? Who marvels at the dandelion?

Me & Luca.



Modern dating has turned intimacy on it’s head. It is now considered too intimate and vulnerable to converse, and casual to throw off clothes and fornicate with a stranger you’ve known for maybe 2 hours, tops.

I struggle with this. I have 9 years of training me in having the most intimate conversations on the planet about yourself, your family, your past, and how this has impacted your ability to live in the present moment. I speak as a therapist, clearly. However, my training is difficult to turn off when it comes to being openly vulnerable and emotional. I openly admit things that others are ashamed of (i.e. family secrets).

I am not ashamed of decisions I never made.

However, society wants us to be. Society’s post-Christian culture states it is more vulnerable to speak in frank tones or with honest phrases about our brokenness; than it is to strip naked and have sex on a first date. A woman’s genitalia is not recompense for a $3.75 Americano coffee. There’s nothing you can do for a woman to “gain access”; and likewise goes for women aiming for a man’s trouser zipper. Men have work to do. Manhood and what it means to be a gentleman has been redefined obliterated. Women, I fear, are even worse off. We’ve done it to ourselves. We demand “rights” in the streets, marching, shouting. We have contorted until we are no longer recognizable as women, let alone deserved of being termed “lady-like”.


I’m alive

I’m been sloshing my way through Catholic Match like a good Catholic woman. Still single, but you can direct complaints to St. Joseph and St. Jude.

I started a different job just a quarter mile from my previous location last June. It’s been treating me well.

I have a doggy. He’s the best hiking buddy, and bedtime snorer and farter a gal can ask for.