VA Chapter 2 Reflection

Chapter 2

Reflect on Baptismal Call: How could I not give my life over to Christ when He has been so understanding, forgivig, and steadfast? So much grace and forgiveness, how else can I offer thanks and sacrifice?

Call from the community: Different people state that I look like a sister, or that I should seriously study theology. Others have suggested the field of Christian counseling as a career. Majority of people aren’t aware that I sense this calling.

Called for the community: Always knew that I was to be of service to others, in a hierarchical institution; no private practice for me. Status and prestige are not mine to have; I do not seek it and it’s not my right to claim. It belongs to God. I’ve been focused on studies and classes that enable me to help others in any possible way.

Prophetic: Speak up in internet forums, defend the faith to non-Catholics (ie, don’t worship Mary). Write letters to school paper about the prescence of cults on campus (USC) and to religious websites, and support groups.

Eschatological: I don’t car for very many material possession, and would actually be content with less: clutter, visual noise, and messy. Want, not a sense of having to, go to Mass every Sunday. Keep a sin journal — all the better for confessions — and also to track habitual sins so I can make goon on my goals of improvement.

Sacraments: Try to attend Mass every Sunday, or on a Saturday evening however family plans do tend to make attendance difficult. Have not yet worked out a way to go daily with my class schedule. Daily prayer and conversation with God: rosary, chapel, read scripture, and/or devotions.

Promoting the Kingdom: Love my friendships and conversations with people of other faiths and backgrounds: Catholic, nondenominationals, Jewish, Buddhist, etc. I cannot say that I see the Catholic Church is the only way to God. Christ is the way, not the Roman Catholic Church; Christ is not a denomination. Doctrine does play a critical role.

Social circle: Saved and unsaved friends; Catholic and non-Catholic Christians, Jews, agnostics, and atheists.

Service: Tutor at the high school level for foster care students, and former residents at juvenile hall, and homeless ministry.

Need to work on: family life, support network, more prayer life.

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