Me and God

I’m still in the desert and I am surprised by how much I like it because I thought it would be terrible: lost, thirsting, miserable. Instead I’m wrapped up in God.

I have been pulled away from my friends a bit, fewer “chance” encounters with people on campus, just seeing people when exactly necessary for comfort or to pass along a word of notice. I even avoid my MP3 a bit more, looking for the silence; but I’m not hiding in the chapel on campus. Instead I am sitting on park benches re-reading Hosea chapter 2 or browsing through the psalms.

God’s teaching me, speaking to my heart often times without my realizing it. I’ve noticed that God is teaching me some things, speaking to me because I’m more accepting of some ideas that I would have balked at just days ago. He is showing me how I can be more than just His servant.

This time alone with God … if I can be forward, I’ll characterise as courtship? wooing? I only answer in the affirmative.

I like this “alone” time so much that I don’t want to tell anyone anymore. I like it being just God and me.

We’re a team
Me and God

— Josh Turner, Me and God


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  1. What a beautiful posting, little sister. Just think; the joy you are experienceing is nothing compared to the joy our Father in heaven is experiencing within this relationship between the two of you.

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