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Opus Dei, April Letter from the Prelature

Today Holy Week begins, the most important week of the whole year, because we commemorate the central events of our salvation. Would that each of us may live it—or better yet, “relive” it—personally, accompanying Jesus in the scenes that the … Continue reading

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Day’s End

Concrete and civilization prevents timeless beautyAlone in a crowded & jammed freewayMismatch of travel and dreamsSeek senseless stability in everchanging lifeFun, intrigue, & disdain await thee in mail boxActive mind, tired eyes at day’s endAfore moon and stars chance to … Continue reading

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A Letter to the Deceased

Dear Seung-Hui Cho, I don’t know you, nor you I and we are unlikely to have even met in this life you had until last Monday. If I could have met you somewhere between death and meeting God, I’d have … Continue reading

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Abortion a Motherly Act?

Abortion a Motherly Act?written by Judie Brown, American Life League How strange it is for me to receive an editorial from The Times in Great Britain on the day after more than 30 people were gunned down at Virginia Tech. … Continue reading

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Virginia Tech Shooting Tragedy

Copied&Pasted directly from Xanga Webpage.I think that I may seem callous about the brief mention I made of the Virginia Tech shooting yesterday. I do care, and deeply. However at the time, I wasn’t aware of the facts, of the … Continue reading

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