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Requested a Spiritual Director

I have put in the request for a spiritual director both here at home, and done at my alma mater in Los Angeles. Why both? Because I’m making no progress here at home with my spiritual life, and if I … Continue reading

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Questions from the Comment Box

Some good comments, some good questions. Heard from God two days ago. He simply showed me to read Isaiah 51. I’ve perused it. Will probably look at it in depth again. I’m somewhat apathetic right now because I’m unemployed and … Continue reading

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A Messy Process

I’m writing a lot today. Not sure why, but probably best not to fight it. The post that I just wrote below, clearly lost its focus about 2 paragraphs in. Began to tell you about my discernment process, but trailed … Continue reading

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What Momma Oughta Know, but Doesn’t Want to

These last few posts are among the first vocation-related in the last 2.5 months that I have written. I did not intentionally decide to ignore the discernment process. Between midterms in March and until graduation two weeks ago, I many … Continue reading

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Is it selfish?

I am incredibly comfortable with myself. I’m Catholic and I really love being so. Same goes for being single. So the thought that has been nagging me for the past 2 days has been that hopefully its not some how … Continue reading

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