Self-Motivation … in vain?

In an effort to self-motivate to finish a “wretched” final take home essay exam:

“Student: form in yourself a solid and active piety; be outstanding in study; have strong desires for a professional apostolate. And with that vigor in your religious and scientific training, I promise you rapid and far-reaching developments” (The Way 346).

“Make good use of your time. Don’t foregt the fig tree cursed by our Lord. And it was doing something: sprouting leaves.
Like you …
Don’t tell me you have excuses. It availed the fig tree little, relates the evangelist, that it was not the season for figs when our Lord came to it to look for them.
And barren it remained forever” (The Way 354).


2 Replies to “Self-Motivation … in vain?”

  1. Hi. I just stumbled across this blog site after reading something you wrote on Dr. Hunnell’s blog (Catholic Mom). Thanks for putting together such a great site. I particularly liked reading the quote from St. Josemaria Escriva about the fig tree that produced no figs. I really needed to read that. Good luck with your studies and thanks for letting your faith serve as an inspiration for others. God bless.

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