Recap of Return to Faith

Religion/Faith/Catholicism “became too dominant” at my parents insistance …

I could potentially phrase it that way, and I wouldn’t be twisting and bending the truth THAT much.

I was 9 months out of the Local Church, but also 9 months out of any organized religion, and drifting aimlessly. I had finally figured out how to regain my 15 lost pounds, and how to “live” without religion. If you could call that living.

I did not want to go to that funeral Mass for an old Catholic elementary school classmate. My parents insisted at 10pm the night before that I attend it.

Just before Communion, I told God “I’m giving you one last chance, and this time it better be good, or I’m gone forever!”

Well, He’s certainly made it good, hasn’t He?


Now, nearly two years later mom and dad complain and whine about my faith. They put more energy into trying to sway me. They vigorously speak against Catholicism although they raised me in it, and it’s almost as if they feel threatened by it. Why not take some of that energy and put it towards understanding the Catholic Church, and realize its not a “big bad wolf” at all?

I’ve been in their faithless world for 9 months, and folks, it was dark and hellish.

You can’t get me to trade the Light for all that darkness; not a thing in the world will convince me.

Dad, the only one who knows about the Local Church, tries to use it against me. Says that I can’t let religion be dominant, and that I’ve had trouble before. Hah! That’s because I did not know my Bible, now I drop quotes and verses often enough because some of my best college friends are Baptists and other Protestants (memorising verses are important to them). Don’t try to tell me what is and is not Catholicism or a genuine Christian doctrine or dogma if you yourself are ignorant of what is!

Aye, a little to late they are. I love it, even when it gets me trouble from my parents; well, when they don’t like it, I like God even better. Just like two disgruntled teenagers whose parents don’t want them to be seeing each other; the relationship grows stronger. Not the direction that my parents desire, is it?


I laughed when I first read that religiousity was my VIA strength, ahd how the top strenght is usually reported to be fun, great, and also a point of trouble for people.


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  1. Little sister,Try to be less angry with your parents. Sure they are wrong, but don’t allow their reactions get too much at you (as it seems to be doing). Try not to be too openly combative. The true child of God is serene even in the face of opposition. Keep loving them and pray that they too may one day see “the light”. Remember, faith is a gift of God: he gives it to whom he will and when he wants. In the meantime, you be strong… discover your vocation and embrace it. By the way, about discovering one’s vocation… there is hardly an easy way to go about it. At some point, you need to “close your eyes” and take the plunge. Until you do, you’ll just keep searching and God forbid, forever! If you see your way clearly, follow it! Remember how the first apostles never gave too much time to thinking. Jesus called and they answered – all in one swift movement. Sure, every response to a divine vocation involves a risk, but it is the risk of love. After you say “yes”, then what peace! I know it, because that’s how it happened to me. I’m praying for you.

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