Where I am at in my discernment


I apologize for this email going to all of you en masse, however although I would like to communicate with all of you individually, because of the time demands I now face as a full time graduate student I have significantly cut my time on the computer. In order to shorten the amount of time, I’m doing this massive email to anyone I think would be of interest: friends, acquaintances, and sisters who have been so kind to help me during the past year as I discerned religious life.

I am called to be a religious, but over the last week God has really spoken to me in my heart and I am now seriously considering the Dominican order. I have set things into motion to discern more carefully within the Domincan order. Now, if things were to fall through, I’d still like to be in touch with you (especially those who are in frequent contact – letter, email, etc – and you know who you are).

As for my friends who are getting this, I know it’s different that what some of you would be expecting, but I’ve been in discernment for little more than a year now and I’m so glad and happy and at peace when I think of following the Lord. I pray that you understand.


Why I have been away:
Middle of August: Cape Cod and Boston, Massachusetts 2 week vacation
Late August: MSW orientation Aug 21-24th, then first week of school on Aug 27th

I have so much reading to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I go to bed around 12-1pm each night and I get up at 5am for my commute downtown for my 8am classes. A little less than sane.

I would love to share more with you, but I didn’t bring my notebook with me that has my reflections in it. I can only share the two below:

  • Our God is a God of Honor.
  • We have physical union with Christ in the Eucharist.

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