I am wiped out. I got up on time today: 5am. If I seriously consider making a committment to morning and evening prayer, I’d have to get up at 4:30am in order to drag myself out of the house on time. The incoming cool days of fall will not help, as the warmth of bed is more enticing.

Still focusing on my disorder, so that’s also draining some mental energy, but not as bad as last week. Waiting on the shrink to call me back with some referrals: preferably Christian and experienced with the disorder ~ I want to be the client, not the educator.

My body is still reacting to all the stress from last week’s episode … can’t believe it was just last week, seems so long ago. I need to bring ibuprofen with me to school, these headaches aren’t doing me much good.

I should stop complaining, Christ didn’t complain on the cross about His burdens. That’s something I learned in Adoration last week.


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