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entitlement 2

Entitlement is an attitude that says you have a right to recieve something. In looking it up in the Dictionary, it’s also a term the government uses to address things that should be guaranteed to a citizen. That’s how this … Continue reading

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Not Entitled

What is it about people that makes thenk they are automatically entitled to their desires? You, and me, deserve nothing. We merit nothing. All that we have is a gift, even the mere act of breathing is a gift.

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Is the Novus Ordo Mass Actually the Indult Mass?

by Fr. Paul Kramer’ The following is taken from Fr. Paul Kramer’s article entitled, “The Legal Status of the Tridentine Mass” in which he argues that the “Mass of the Ages” is the official liturgical rite of the western Church. … Continue reading

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Let Us Give Thanks

Thoughts of thanks right now: for the ability to freely express thanks and speech without censor for each and every one of YOU my friends online and off-line for my family and relatives and all the different ways they shape … Continue reading

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SMME Retreat

Went on the SMME (Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist) retreat this weekend. I flew in Friday evening and had a convent dinner because 5 of us (including the Dominican priest) did not get in until after 6pm. There … Continue reading

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