A Quick Update

As I have mentioned in the past several posts, the DSMME put a deadline on my student loans. I have spoken with many KoC and other Catholic societies in the region and have been told not much can be started before March. March does not leave me a lot of time, so instead of buckling down and plastering this world with monetary pleas, I’ve been praying more.

Which leads me to say that I think God is calling me elsewhere. I’m not 100% certain, nor am I pouring the concrete until the Sisters’ deadline has arrived.

In the meantime, if you could squeeze me into your prayers – for clarity – I’d really appreciate it!


Are you going …

This is a reflection I wrote earlier this month for a Confirmation 2 retreat.

I will stand at my guard post,
And station myself upon the rampart,
And keep watch to see what He will say to me,
And what answer He will give to my complaint.
Habakkuk 2:1

Habakkuk, a prophet from the Old Testament, says that he will stand at his guard post and watch for the Lord. He’s waiting, waiting. God’s never late, although He doesn’t seem to keep track of time like we do. He’s standing at his post, and waiting to see God and to learn what He has to tell him. Habakkuk is looking around, looking within himself, and willing to listen, although he does not know if what the Lord will say will be what he wants to hear.

God’s always there to quietly say to us This is the way, walk in it; except its so hard to hear God’s voice. God whispers, Satan screams. God gently nudges us along the right path and Satan shoves us off of it.

And sometimes the sun sets while we are still walking with God, or its dark and foggy. And other times its so cold that our hands get so cold and numb that we can’t feel that he is there, but He is. Its just that where we are when that happens, we loosen our grip on his hand. You don’t have to let go, though. Jesus and God are always here.

Habakkuk says that he went to a tower – in those days, there would only be other people around him seeking the same purpose – to stand guard. In other words, when wanting to hear God, either go off to pray like Jesus did, or surround yourself with Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Habakkuk gets above the world, God is bigger.

God is bigger. He’s bigger than all those little ideas about His actions being wishful thinking, or fate, or luck, or chance; or that He’s so big that He wouldn’t bother with us little people or little Earth.

So, you gonna go stand watch for God?