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Epic Fail by Plain-Clothed Nuns

Click on the title of the post, as it takes you straight to the site. How to know that you should steer clear of a community: If they post a “Former Members Reunion” on their front page. *facepalm*

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Photos from Recent Hike

Since the photos are not working out, go here to see the photos. Or click the title of the post. 4/17 went hiking with the South Bay Young Adults group. We hiked the San Temescal trail to Skull Rock, which … Continue reading

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Sorrowful unto Death

If you were to know me on xanga, you would be puzzled to see a new blog post. Last week I stated that I would not be blogging until I could find myself in a better mood. My mood is … Continue reading

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Revisiting my Illustrious Religious Past

Saturday a girl friend told me about the Bible Study session that she had been asked to teach: a review of the major world religions, and cults. She wanted my input on the cults, and having spent this entire day … Continue reading

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Driving home last night from my counseling class, I realized my mask of control has been slipping off a lot more frequently. I’m going to be posting some things on here, which are much more stark and blunt about my … Continue reading

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