I watched The Phantom of the Opera with a girlfriend during the week.  I mentioned that it “must be the tragic in me that wants her to be with the Phantom.”

So on this day reinvented by WASPs 😉 to eradicate the bothersome Catholics & their blasted purgatory: I’m sharing a link.  I’m not weirded out by any of this.  Okay, so maybe St Rita would give me a run for my money.


I should pray the Rosary to improve my relationship with Jesus. However, I find myself praying the Rosary mostly in times of extreme stress because the Rosary has a wonderful calming effect. Is there benefit even though it was for the wrong reasons?

Why should it be wrong for Jesus or His Mother to comfort you? Mary has many titles, one of them being “Our Lady of Mental Peace.”

While Jesus & Mary would like to hear from you on a more frequent basis, I’d say do what you can. I can’t say the Rosary daily, it feels too routine; you’ve heard it said it’s a ‘weapon’ – I use the Rosary for intercession. I have my little prayers & my favorite saints. So long as you keep the lines of communication open. What you “should do” gets easier with time. Pray a hail mary daily or do a decade per week. No ones expecting the 15 decade.

Here’s the prayer that I mentioned above – you may like it: “O Lady of Mental Peace, Mother of Tranquility & Mother of Hope, look upon me in this time of my weakness and unrest. Teach my searching heart to know that God’s Love for me is unchanging and unchangeable; and, that true human love can only begin and grow by touching His Love. Let your gentle Peace – which this world cannot give – be always with me. And, help me to bring this same Peace into the lives of others. Our Lady of Mental Peace, Pray for me!”

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A Catholic priest once said during a sermon that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were not related by blood. He said they had a "loose affiliation." (Shocking!) Is there any truth to that statement that came from a seminary graduate?

Ishmael is Abraham & Hagar’s son Gen 16:1-2
Issac is the Son of Sarai Gen 18:11-13 prophesy
Issac is born of Sarai to Abraham Gen 21:1-4

Now, perhaps this priest doesn’t believe in miracles. He may think that Sarai had intercourse with some other man and thereby bore a son. But we definitely know from the Bible, if you choose to look at it as a historical document, that Ishmael is the genetic son of Abraham; and perhaps Issac. Yet, we know that Abraham called Issac his son, which meant everything.

Jacob is stated to be Issac’s son, along with Esau, in Gen 25:19-21. perhaps the issue arises with the fact we haven’t heard from the feminine viewpoint? There has arisen the idea that Biblical women figures hold something else. And this priest, whomever he may be (and he has plenty of company), may think that the women were with other men, and the women weren’t so much sterile as the men had a low sperm count.

It’s generally speculation on his part without knowing why he made such a statement without qualification. Next time don’t be afraid to ask: “Can you back that up?” or “how does that work?”

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