Sleep Deprivation

NaNoWriMo began Nov 1 at 12:01am, and I only started writing yesterday well after 10pm.  I went to bed sometime around 2:30 and I only have about 900 words written.  I’m in this for a novel re-write.  I’m not trying to win the challenge (I only win bragging rights)!  Still, the first chapter always drags.  Favorite sentence from last night: “The air was stale with apprehension despite the fall crisp.”

Since I’m running on less sleep for NaNo, I’m also still very out of whack from Saturday; too much partying & my back hates me for sleeping on a lumpy futon.  The next time I sleep over, I’ll have to bring a board if I want to avoid all this pain.  Or, I could stop partying…because that idea is so viable.

Anyway, back to writing.