1. An obligatory comment on the condom snafu in the news media:  His Holiness did not make it ex cathedra.  Secondly, it’s an attempt to imbue some charity into immoral sexual acts: protection of an infected HIV/AIDS person’s sexual partner of choice.  This is not a move towards permitting contraceptives at all; look at the intention: protection from further harm, not avoidance of creating life!
  2. Dicit Dominus: Ego cogito cogitationes pacis, et non afflicitonis: invocabitis me, et  ego exaudiam vos: et reducam captivatem vestram de cunctis locis.
  3. It’s not Christmas yet, so why the music?  Don’t you knuckleheads at the mall understand that Christmas starts on December 25th and extends through the octave until January 6th?  Since I’ll be losing my sanity at the mall with each carol that the speakers pipe in, and I use the music on this blog as typing music, it’s changed for the Advent season.  
  4. Speaking of Advent: it’s the mini-Lent of the Traditional Catholic.  I’m trying to think of what to fast from; might switch to Gregorian chant for the entirety of the 4 weeks.  I’ve a few days to figure this one.
  5. Mrs L, I appreciate what you’re trying to say, but I already know a lot of this.  I’ve been in discernment for 5 years, been accepted to a community and have had to turn it down.  I’m at where I am for a reason; I don’t need to know that reason.  Yes, I’ve read smidgens of the Little Flower, but when God puts you on hold, you learn these lessons anyway.  Being put on hold isn’t that bad: you know you’ll get service eventually, and in the meantime you’re doing small tasks that needed to get done.  I’ll get through eventually.  Heck, it’s nowhere near the difficulty of the Dark Night!
  6. Lastly, happy Solemnity of Christ the King.