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Spiritual Warfare

For two weeks I’ve seen this coming, sort of.  Let me explain, and perhaps fictional literature is better to do the job at this than my direct experience? At any rate this is the way I choose to express my … Continue reading

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Thought of the Day III

I know exactly what to post, just working out how I want to say it. Will return in a few days.

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I want … need to start writing again. Give me color-based prompts (i.e., gray, silver) and a phenomenon (i.e. dew, fog, flood). I’ll post it here & at the wordpress =)

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Photos from November 26th

On the day after Thanksgiving, I went out to the South Coast Botanical Garden since I had been aching to take photos, and needed to get out of the house. An acquaintance of mine from other hiking trips has a … Continue reading

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Veni, veni Emmanuel; Captivum solve Israel, Qui gemit in exilio, Privatus Dei Filio. Gaude! Gaude! Emmanuel, Nascetur pro te, Israel! Veni, veni, O Oriens; Solare nos adveniens, Noctis depelle nebulas, Dirasque noctis tenebras. Gaude! Gaude! Emmanuel, Nascetur pro te, Israel! … Continue reading

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