Rant of the Day

Pettiness is wearying.

Wearing ‘chemo’ scarves because she doesn’t like how the hairdresser cut her hair.  Then crying around the house as though someone had died.  I’ve never heard her cry like that for when someone was actually dead or ill; she keeps the gut-wrenching crying and banshee screaming for pettiness.  Then she moves towards screaming about how ungrateful my sister and I are because we didn’t use all our savings (we didn’t have any at the time) to keep her and dad from using retirement funds for her cancer treatment 5 years ago.  If its not that, I’m disgusting to look at, or don’t do anything to deserve a single present for Christmas.  Then we move back towards how all the prayers and Rosaries don’t matter if “you’re a bitch! It won’t make a difference!” Oh, yeah.  If I’m not a bitch in December, then she’ll call me a lesbian having affairs with priests in July.

… back to a test, two papers, and networking with people about code violations at work.


2 Replies to “Rant of the Day”

  1. Dear Meg,

    I've been following your blog for about a year and in that time I have become very concerned for you. I know that times are hard for you financially and your situation at home is extremely difficult and frustrating. But my dear sister in Christ, you want to become His bride, and the thoughts that you display on your blog are extremely uncharitable and un-Christian. I know you need a place to vent, but your blog is not really the place for it. If you want to become a Sister, you really need to practice forgiving. I can tell there is a lot of anger in you towards your parents – particularly your mom – which although I can totally understand it is something that is going to hinder you from growing closer to Jesus.

    I know this is none of my business, but I’ve just felt the need to tell you this for some time. Maybe it was the Holy Spirit nudging me, I don’t know. I don’t expect you to publish this comment (I don’t know if a comment needs your approval or if it publishes right away?), but it was the only way for me to contact you.

    God bless you this Christmas,

    P.S. You're in my prayers

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