2 days in review

Last night (12/15/2010) I could not sleep until I had sent an email off to a professional/friend contact and (and) made the decision to submit the report regardless of what any supervisor or administrator said because the Law stated otherwise.

My back momentarily stopped hurting after I sent the fax.

I’ve got to draw up a monthly and weekly budget for myself.  Without having classes 4 nights/week, I should be able to work this out fairly well so the habit is established by the time I have to start class in the spring along with my internship.  Then I’ll get 3 months off with the summer to save even more, only to resume the one course and internship in the fall.

$100 for 2 weeks of gas
$75 to 100 for 2 weeks of miscellaneous (i.e., food, shopping)

Leaving about 3/4 of my paycheck in the bank.  Saving up that way for a while will enable me to feel safe financially before setting the move-out date in stone.  I’m so my father in terms of money: pinch and fret and pinch some more.  But I’m really just entering “taking care of myself mode” with the paychecks that I do have, getting $200/month for the past 1.5 years wasn’t good.  It all went towards gas.  It got to the point that I would return things bought weeks previously just to get extra cash for gas and not having to ask for more.  I feel so bad for having to ask for money.  I don’t want to be put in that position again.

Other things I want to take care of are some activities like kickboxing or something active that can be put to use (i.e., forget yoga or aerobics, or a gym membership).  What good is running on a treadmill, never going anywhere.  I love hiking, I get to read at the summit or take photos.  Getting the sense yet that something always has to be put to use?  It’s not just an end to itself?

hm, anyway, work in the morning and Family Christmas Tree Decorating in the Evening …. (signing off)

just wanted to share a photo … until I can get the last of my photos from the now-broken camera
itchy fingers, can’t wait to see what I got and edit them