Recall the old adage of “tell no one or tell everyone”?  The internet has a way of telling everyone for you, whether you want that to be the case or not.
In my profile page on Facebook, Xanga, and here on Blogger, it's fairly well known that I've gone to school to get my Master, and if you read enough posts, that it's in Social Work.
Fairly early on in Xanga I was sent messagesby online & personal friends who knew I didn't mind honoring some requests for help; others would just message.  Now, I'm getting emails from one particular person, and I want to put it out there for everyone to see, for all to know.  Let us all be on the same page, cast out confusion.
If you contact me, I'll do what I can to help you out and find resources.  In short, I act like a case manager or on-call social worker.  If you call my cell phone (and miraculously get through despite the fact I don't have cellular signal at home) I'll spend time with you.  I can, and will counsel in an emergency, but you can expect me to start figuring out where you live and your current location – as I am not unacquainted with calling across county or state lines.
However, there are limits to this openess.  Last August I cut a friend off because he took the “I'll be there for you when you need it” and took it to mean that I would ssit on the phone and listen to him verbally abuse me during his drunken rages. That is not what is meant.  If you wonder where our friendship is now – it is no more.  “Nevermore” cried Poe's crow.
And if there's a wonder – I'm like every other staunch traditional Catholic: natural birth to natural death.

Brown Proposes Closure of ADHC

Date: 01-25-2011




Oppose ADHC Closure


I’m asking you to oppose the proposed closure of ADHCs in California, as presented by the Governor for the following reasons:


  • Closing ADHCs (Adult Day Health Centers) would cost $51million more than it would save taxpayers.
  • The current 12.4% unemployment rate in California would increase.
  • The adults served by ADHCs are selected by the state to have services rendered that prevent institutionalization.
  • The nursing, physical and occupational services provided in ADHCs allow the elderly adults to maintain their mobility, mental acuity, and independence.
  • Nursing services prevent the overcrowding of emergency rooms and Primary Care Physicians are better able to delegate and manage their patients’ needs with nurses monitoring health parameters.
  • Social services rendered provide mental health screening, and case management, and provide legal advocacy and protection of this vulnerable population.
  • Provide opportunities for socialization, friendships, and exposure to others in their generation.


It would be wise to maintain ADHCs in California, just to maintain the status of the current aging population.  However, the real reason you should keep ADHCs in California is that the number of elderly will increase as the Baby Boomer cohort ages.  I’m sure you have heard how ornery these newer elderly are, and if you think they will be content to sit at home isolated due to decreased physical mobility, relying on Access Transportation, and socially marginalized, I can wholeheartedly assure you they are not!  Having ADHCs already established in the community will be of more benefit, rather than having to re-open centers, train inexperienced staff, and create new networks in a community.





Megan Singer MSW


El Camino Adult Day Health Care Center

15429 Crenshaw Blvd., Suite D.

Gardena, CA 90249

Ph: 301.679.7624   Fax: 310.679.6346

"boys will be boys"?

Listen, you Canadian twit!  I don’t care how many times or different ways you tell me that “I really like you.”

 Guess what?!? I don’t care.  Take your lolly-gagging elsewhere.  And mop up your drool on your way out!


Yesterday was interesting at work.  I was very busy.  The moment that sticks out is that in one of the suspected abuse situations that arose, I was the one figuring out all the different contingencies.  Everyone was able to think of the main three, and I thought of the fourth one.  The program director just looked at me when I mentioned it – like it had suddenly gotten too complicated for her.
I feel that it should have been among the first contingencies to be thought – *shrugs*
– – –
As for writing I spent yesterday writing one sentence, and spent Wednesday re-writing half of a whole scene.  Someone thought it was odd the way I phrase that.  I'm trying to imbue the scenario with more tension and … erm, not disgust but something like that.
I'm still interested in gaining some new writing prompts, so don't hold out on me!

Faith lives on things that are most dark, just as hope lives best on the elements of despair.  — Blessed Nivard, OSB Cist.