Professor, you have nerve.  I'll give you that and not another inch more.  You said on the last day of class that you would post your grades ASAP, and now we're five days into the new year and all other grades have been posted, and yours are not.

When I asked how that could be, you told me that I was being inappropriate.
Let's look at this: you said that you would post ASAP, even Prof R is up before you, and I call you out on it?  I'm inappropriate?!?  Did I promise what could not be delivered?
That's what I thought.
But ignore me; scold me in an email if you must.  I'm just a snarky student who must be reminded of her place so that you can feel that you are the epitome of knowledge.  Perhaps if you were at UCLA or USC, Stanford, etc.  You're at a community college.  I didn't read your book all semester long and I got an A.  You're not so tough.  I think you know it.