gouging the market

After yesterday’s comment from my girlfriend — I think I’m bummed out today.  I spent my entire day completing the 6 month assessment for a client: interviewing him, calling his board & care, writing up treatment plans and goals, and notifying nursing about developments in his condition.  You see, he’s schizophrenic.  And I’m just amazed that people would be kinder to him because “he can’t control it” and then can turn around in the same breath and say, “but you can.”

It can be lonely, mostly I just try to pass, in the sociological sense.  Can’t imagine it would be difficult for others to see why, we now gather in our little meetups or have our own blogs (yeah, that would be my 5th).

It’s on my mind because of yesterday, and then today one of the treatment centers in LA County sent out it’s bi/tri/quad-annual e-newsletter, only to rub in the fact that their individual therapy sessions are egregiously expensive, which they can charge because they are the specialists in the ares; leaving the rest of us out in the cold.  This sector of my profession also disgusts me — charging a lot not because of their experience or knowledge, but because they know there’s no one else.  So, you’re either going to go around with the label of “freak” or you’ll bend over backwards to pay their $140/session fee.

Thanks, but chewing through a pack of gum per day when it gets really bad is still cheaper than your so-called sliding scale.

Always knew there was a reason for the cross-town rivalry, and, you, you just add to it.