What I was struggling to say last night, is that telling everything about who I am is difficult.  Imagine sitting down for 50 minutes and trying to quickly acquaint them with your life, family dynamics, and patterns well enough so they can help you make heads or tails of the introverts personal analysis.
My snide comment for the moment: does he really think that the introvert is unaware of being an introvert?
I didn't return to my therapist in Garden Grove, not because it's too far (although this is true), but I saw her for religious discernment and to create better emotional boundaries so that I could terminate and leave the family home for the convent.  Now, I need to work on many things: coping skills (he knows about my disorder and lack of eating; he's missing a few pieces of the puzzle), better emotional & psychological separation and boundaries from parents, and my binge drinking patterns (if you missed the story about 15+ shots of scotch whiskey, that's not my fault).

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  1. I hope this therapist is able to help you. I also hope that you are able to bring the wound regarding your entrance into the SMMEs into the light for Him to heal. He will heal you, if you let Him.

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