I feel miserable.  I’m exhausted, but just like the previous nights, if I try to go to sleep I just lay awake.  Might as well make the most of it and complete IPCs (Individual Plans of Care) for work and plan therapy sessions for internship.  Ate only one meal all day.

Keep hitting brick walls: my boss overlooks me (literally ignores me); tells me that if I don’t attend political rallies to keep ADHCs open, that I don’t value my job; makes comments about whether I’m ready for the unemployment line.  I’m still completing re-assessments, and didn’t get the list of quarterly progress notes until yesterday, and these all have to be completed by the 28th (and no, we’re not open on weekends).  I asked the translator if he could help me with a final assessment today, and since he didn’t get his paycheck he ignored me as well: walked right past me and didn’t heed my request.  Program Director saw it all and she didn’t do any thing.  I got my pay check today (we’re supposed to be paid on the 5th and 20th of each month), and the boss doesn’t have enough funds in the business account for me to cash my check.

If I can’t cash the check, I can’t go on something I’ve been wanting to do on the 5th of March.  I need to cash my check and write a check for the one-day retreat.  I need some time to myself and I might not get it without cashing the check.


Thursdays are going to be my busiest days: work 8-2, internship 3-7:30.