money & family

If you ask me to tell my friend about the couches your boyfriend is selling, guess what? I'm not responsible for babysitting my friend and checking to see if she got the email.  I'm also not responsible for seeing if she is interested.  She is an adult and is responsible for calling your boyfriend to say “yes, I'm interested” or “no I'm not, find another buyer.”

Not planning on setting up family & friends again for buying/selling any thing.
6 hours at work, 1 hour on the road from point a to b, and 5 hours at internship = 12 hour days.  Every Thursday will be like this.  To think people go around telling me that they want to emulate that schedule.  Ugh.  Seriously?  I guess it might not be so grueling if I were to have some normal sleep, play, and eating patterns.
Oh, on the work front.  Heh.  I cannot cash my paycheck.  I needed the check on Monday so that I could cash it and send a check out for a retreat I wanted to do (the drama unfolded on Facebook) March 5th.  But I got the check on Wednesday (nearly a month on one paycheck; the first was on the 7th), and it couldn't be cashed on Wednesday & I was late to internship as a result.  I tried again today, and there's still not enough money in the ADHC business account for me to get paid.
I had told my boss on Wednesday that I needed the check.  I need more than the paper of the check.  I need the money it represents.  Because he cannot get his finances together, I lost the one day I've been looking forward to for weeks that I could actually justify as a retreat and a day to emotionally and spiritually take care of myself.  Not any more.  Well, I guess I do have that 1 hour set aside for therapy on Saturdays that I was going to postpone next week.  yay