silent mother

I cut my hair on Friday and I dyed it red, well, mahogany.  It looks good.

Mom's not pleased.  She's been giving me the cold should since Friday night when she saw that I had cut my hair to shoulder length and dyed it.  She only speaks to me if absolutely necessary.  You'd think that I would enjoy the silence instead of her criticism.  Nope.  I just want some response out of her.  At least comment whether she likes the cut.  The color comes out — eventually.  But, no. We're going to act like the mature 5-year old that we are and ignore those who don't do our bidding.  We will punish them for exerting their own will on their body.  I was so thrilled and excited about my hair color and cut on Friday, you'd have thought I had received a raise.  
why do I let her rake me over the coals like this?