Some Thoughts About Japan

I can’t watch the videos any more. Or look at devastating photographs.  I don’t turn on the radio to hear about possible nuclear meltdowns (whatever that means, no one’s bothered to break it down for non-physicist me).  I’m not hiding under a rock, I know what is going on. Rather, I’m not seeking out footage, airwaves, etc.

Psychologically, it’s mind-boggling. Emotionally, it’s heart-wrenching.  Spiritually speaking: I’m not asking what God has done, but what He has permitted.  I’m asking what I can do spiritually to help out.

Pray, united with the intercession of the Angels, Saints, and Our Lady of Akita.

— edited 9:30pm —

Consider the lost Souls:

  • no Last Rites were available
  • no Consolation
  • their Guardian Angels
  • the demons tormenting and spiritually attacking them
  • the moments of doubt of a benevolent God
Consider the resulting damage:
  • Nearly inconsolable grief
  • Doubts of God’s Mercy
  • Turning away from God
  • Anger at it all
  • statement’s like the psalmists’  Where is their God now?
  • Spiritual attacks of doubt and despair