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I have not read St Gemma’s autobiography, but after Lent I’ll try to find the book.  I’ve promised to not by anything new during Lent unless it’s absolutely necessary (i.e., deodorant).  However I did find a website that transposed the autobiography from Italian to English, and then posted it up online through permission of the Passionists.

I hadn’t been aware that she was a nun, since she had been so sickly.  I wonder if Jesus puts mystics into the convent since it’s the best way to assure that they have spiritual directors and care?

St Gemma definitely inspires one to want to be a Saint.

The website about St Gemma: here.


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  1. As I understand it she was never permitted to enter religious life because of her health. However the Passionists claim her as one of their lay members.Any yes, St. Gemma does inspire! She was such a help to me in novitiate; I cannot wait to thank her in person one day!

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