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Purpose of This Blog

I realize this is missing on this site, and I’ve been putting it off until I siphon posts from Blogger (2 sites) & Xanga (purportedly shutting down) to explain who I am, and what exactly is habit forming. In September … Continue reading

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scanning and darting seemingly daring hiding away in the cave dark and secure hopeful that the alarm will sound this time active and jumping running and beating standing still memories surging surfacing fear pushing and pulling garrish the light out … Continue reading

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Pacing the room, Frank could scarcely take his eyes off of Brookelynn. He kept trying to keep his mind on the task at hand, but he was finding it increasingly difficult. His hands shook with each whimper and sigh of … Continue reading

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Don’t be Lukewarm

Source  Prompt 1: If you could only leave one message upon the wall of life for people to see long after you’re gone what would that message be and how would you write it?I am trying to think of the … Continue reading

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bonded branded chained bound can’t run away can’t stay joined at the hip stitched to your side your thoughts, mine your style, mine your life, mine rather, my life is yours can’t breathe can’t live I can’t be i i … Continue reading

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