I love to hike.

  • If you know me, then you know this.
  • If you look at my car, you know I don’t spend Saturdays scrubbing and polishing it. 
  • I don’t frequently wear sandals because I’ve got some handy calluses. 🙂
  • I mainly do laundry to wash my hiking pants and shirt.

I hike a lot. Two months ago I was able to gloat that I hiked 6 miles of moderate-to-strenuous trail in 3 hours. I was sore at the end of that. This past Saturday I hiked about 4.4 miles in 2.5 hours, and was not sore. I was stinky, but not sore.

This fact tells me that I need to find another hiking spot.

I’ve exhausted Topanga Creek State Park (i.e. Eagle Rock; Santa Ynez Falls). Escondido is “tough” due to steepness, not in aerobic or cardiac output; and it’s too far. Some old favorites in Altadena are still closed by the Station Fire.

So, Locals, where do I go? I’m thinking hiking up through Solstice Canyon (i.e. not the fire road) and going up the boulders. But where do you go?