Mouse Sitting

The little one with the infection/allergy (possibly internal mites; costs $100+ at vet), is calmer and less scratching following a bath yesterday, and some mite spray today. I’ve decided to call her corn cob, since that’s what the poor little thing feels like. She’s amenable to scurrying/playing around without too much stress. Her cagemate, I’ve named (renamed?) Pickle, because she’s stuck in a glass tank and quarantined; through no fault of her own. I wish I had photos after their baths – so cute!

I have qualms at the idea of giving these little furries a safe place and then returning them to the same person & classroom in which they have incurred harm and unhealthy situations. These are bred to be pet mice, not eek-infestion-chewing-through-wires mice. If released in the wild, they would not be able to fend for themselves because they have been domesticated since prior 1000 B.C. in China!

Unfortunately I don’t have the capacity/funds to get vet shots for a mousie at $100 a pop; let alone a mousie that is not mine, and I won’t be compensated. I’m not sure how long she’s been afflicted with the mites, and she’ll eventually become anemic and die if it’s been too long. All I can do is the same as i had done for Sammy, which is give her all the good food, water, and bedding; and comfort.