The way there


I think an aspect I really enjoy about hiking is the giant bath that’s waiting for me at the end of it all. If anyone wants to learn patience, they cam come with me on the 1.5hour drive up to Malibue (past Pepperdine), and another 1.5 hours back down south of Torrance. I spent ( and will spend next weekend) more time in the car than I did on the trail. And at the end of that stinky car ride, there’s a nice hot bath replete with lavender, shampoo & conditioner. Ahhh!

Now that it is summer, the 1 north is jam-packed, crawling at 15mph all the way up, and 10mph all the way down. I’ve just about mastered doing this desiring the death of anyone. I played a “Pray the Rosary” CD the majority of the way there, and raucous Country on the way back (i.e. the Band Perry’s “Done”). It was about 100 degrees outside and I hiked 2+ miles in 90 minutes. I was stinky, stinky the way I can get after 2-3 days of shower-less camping.

Don’t worry, I smell prettier and girlier at the moment; but not before I offended people at Sport Chalet. One problem I have with a fast, intense hike is that I get cold quickly once I’m done, and driving back in 80 degrees with the heater on is a special experience. So I went in intending to purchase one of those special dry-wick hiking jackets, and picked up a few supplies for hiking (i.e. survival blanket, flares). I took my stinky 5’3″ frame at 120lbs to the counter and inquired about getting a knife and the response was “If you know how to use it”. I’m peeved about that – as I know a man in the same situation would not have been told that. I don’t desire to hack my arm off, just be able to create splints in case of a sprain; or stab the bobcats I spy.

Anyway, I’m going back to my beer & T.V.