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By myself

Some people (i.e. coworkers) are saying that I’ll like this month: having the apartment to myself so much that I’ll choose to live by myself in the future. However, I don’t see it that way, as living with others preps … Continue reading

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Can be attricious. The situation: My roomate made plans beginning of May to move out and did so this past Sunday. I’m swinging rent in excess of $1500 by myself for August. I’ve found a place to share with coworker … Continue reading

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The girl

With many houses: Which didn’t sell, so they’re all being donated. There’s a house CD rack replete with carpet, wallpaper & rafters; 2 complete dollhouses, 1 fairy dollhouse, and a birdhouse converted to hold floral lights. None of them sold, … Continue reading

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A Frugal Dinner

Using stuff from pantry, and/or $16 grocery bill. Salad, apple cider vinegar & olive oil vinegarette, strawberry slices Fish cakes: 8oz tuna, 2 eggs, 1 mashed potatoe, 3 cloves garlic, salt & pepper, 1tbs protein powder/flour, parsley This social worker … Continue reading

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RIP Rita

When Sammy died in early May, I got Rita soon after. The empty cage full of rodent toys mocking me from it’s corner. She was my wee furry acrobat, climbing and swinging just like Sammy had. Rita, nervous & timid, … Continue reading

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