Why did I paint, except it’s a gorgeous green? And now, in 90° evening heat I’ve got a heating pad on my back, and will pop a pill soon since my muscles & nerves are screaming at me. I have to finish it tomorrow evening…..sigh



Its a steady 90° at night here. The mousies are sleeping until I put their water bottle in the fridge. My pinchy-pinched nerve acts up at this hot, breezeless hour. Nature’s on a humidity kick to boot, making all bedsheets useless, including the flipside of a pillow. And I feel like i’m being watched.


This orange fuzzy blob waits for me all day.

By the by, I have a phone call with a convent tomorrow, long-distance. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Now if only I could sleep…but fuzzies are running on rattly wheels, nibble on crunchy bits, and sniffle at the heat. Oh, and roomie’s cat like to play hide-n-seek under my bed. Nothing like leaping out of bed at meowing to help me sleep.


Sad that “Motive” – sad for television, not terrbly broken (T.V.! … Hah, she’s moved & settling in….) is ending. But I can’t stand having watched “Big Bang Theory”, as ‘Sheldon’ sounds like my brain. I don’t need my brain & BBT sounding off at the same time. Roomie chimes in saying “oh, you have a photographic memory?” (Regarding comment I made about how my coworkers ask me for info. like hospital numbers & addresses). And it takes all my effort to not say there is no such thing.

I’m having Fun


In my left arm to boot. It hurts enough that I can’t play Candyland with the younger clients, or drive or hold a glass. No serious pain meds ’til the A.M. when pharmacy is open. Gotta get an MRI, too. And move this weekend. Sheesh.