Physical Therapy

While interesting & innovative I’m in as much pain after as before. I quit it next week, irregardless.



I’ve just submitted a short story to a Christian fiction magazine, Ruminate ( I wrote it about 3 years ago, and am at the point I want it out there. I can handle my name being on it, on that topic, on those emotions.

Maybe now I can go finish the other three stories. I’ve got Nano fever, after all.

Me vs Roomie

I cleaned kitchen and 1 furball’s cage. I made bread, and remembered to take chicken out of freezer. I hiked 4.53mi in two hours exactly. Got home to bake said bread, cook/roast said chicken.

She’s struggling not to be depressed & spent the day in bed. Please pray for her.

I’m not trying to sound cruel, I’ve had my share of clinical depression, anxiety and quasiPTSD. I worked on my stuff to take back control of my life, and figured out what parts of my life God totally owns.


How hard can it be to get a solidly Roman Catholic priest to agree to bless my apartment?

Apparently, no one wants to do it when it involves roommates with really pagan & demonic practices; despite the fact I’m a regular at the Extraordinary Tridentine Latin Mass.