Me & Id

Unfortunately I get to know my id pretty well. I want lots of things, but don’t have the means to do it. therefore I am constantly fighting with myself. For example, I’ve needed a skirt for wedding for a while now. I want something really pretty but simple, and the pocketbook is screaming “nonononono!” so I had to do what I would do, not my id, which is buy two and a half yards of silk duponi (fabric). I’ve worn the same dress to 3 different weddings, and one non-nuptial formal event. I couldn’t wear my green dress since that’s a thematic color. (geewhiz). With less than $15, I have a purple silk skirt I can wear; it’s sewing up nicely (by hand, of course), just a few hours yesterday & this evening, with mock flat-felled seams. After I make this, I need a slip/undershirt, which I’ll be making, along with additional skirts, dresses & jackets.

I’m the skinny chick at the grocery eyeing the nice rolled oats or baking goods, buying the discounted-going-bad-before-ma-eyes meat, salivating at the fresh slabs of beef. I enjoy my liquid carbs, though. I purchase nice liquids every once in a while. My id goes bonkers ‘cuz it wins, and the wallet faints.

Id wins when it comes to the pets: 3 mice, 5 fish. It/Id wants a cute orange-beaked finch, too; I don’t want to tempt (or tease?) roomie’s 2 cats. Id keeps telling me how cute & fuzzy the chick finches are, I remind about poop smells. Id tells me their beaks are orange & sing; I snap back about having a white-noise machine that does the same and doesn’t need to be fed.

By the by, I’ll have wifi on Saturday. May post hiking and/or wedding photos.