Keep Your …

Christmas music out of my Advent.

KOST, a soft rock / r+b / love song station here in Los Angeles has been playing Xmas music for the past few weeks. They didn’t even wait for Thanksgiving, the radio station, along with several stores (and, no, not the craft stores) have been selling Christmas supplies and items since prior to Halloween even ending. I’ve been getting at least a dozen emails every day this week about Black Friday, online, offline, cyberspace and in stores. It’s sickening. Christmas, of course, is not about gifts, at least not the material kind. Christians, the world over have made this point quite clear with catchy phrases and slogans, which all get drowned out in the materialistic march. 

I have come to dislike Christmas in this light. The kind of Christmas I like is quiet, filled with awe for God, stillness for Mary, and terrible wonder at the things God’s beings will do for His Only Son. I love Christmas Mass, the more solemn the better, for the Solemnity. In that moment you and I rip off the brightly colored paper and marvel at the gift inside, you’re killing Christ inside, cutting and carving Him out and vainly trying to fill the cavity with rings, jewels, video games, clothes, &c. I like gifts, I do want to receive them. However, I don’t let that get in the way of Christ. I can leave these gifts behind, sell them, let them go because they cannot give me anything close to what Christ and His Church offers and gives willingly. Can you leave them in the field to find the Infant in the manger?



From Daily Prompt.

If anyone were to ask me what I do during my work hours, I frequently joke that I’m a damn good Candyland, Uno, or Sorry player. On any given day of the week, I’m guaranteed at least an hour of “playtime”, however when kids are talking about their depression or the expected meltdown of family members during Thanksgiving, it’s clearly more of a physical distraction than a fun game.

During the week, I get small bits of playtime when I get to feed my betta fishies, or take my three most friendly and cute mousies (Corncob, Pickle, Trinity; Rachel’s mean and bites me and bullies the other mice -she’s got her own cage) out of their cage to run around on my hand, blanket, and tease the roommate’s cats with my furballs. 🙂  Weekends are more obvious, if you’re an introvert like me: baking, writing, hiking, sewing, drawing, thinking. Sometimes I’ll think about thinking. Playing with roomie’s cats is fun since both are sensitive about having their paws touched, and it’s funny to watch them ‘tap dance’ when I pat their feet. Writing or doing art (drawing, painting, crafting) in front of my fish tank is lots of fun.

According to an NBC poll, 37°/° of the public approve of Obama.

Mirroring Christ

I went to Cotter’s Church supply store this morning for a few things for myself and a few things for a friend’s birthday. I had the thought this morning that if other women keep photos of their boyfriends or fiancé, and I don’t have any images of Jesus Christ; this needed to be fixed. I purchased a poster of the Divine Mercy image, which is how Christ revealed Himself to St. Faustina.

At Cotter’s I ran into a situation that I have heard frequently about, have seen, and would get frustrated about; heck, in my own discernment I’ve avoided religious orders acquainted with this, but today I got mad. I was at the check out counter and there was this older woman ordering cards, and I would have passed her off as a well-dressed grandmother, if the woman behind me in line hadn’t addressed her as “sister” and continued talking with her about where she taught and if a particular adolescent was her student.
Sister was dressed in an knee length skirt, a faux fur lined jacket, and a pink & white striped polo shirt which neckline plunged deeper than my own. There were traces of makeup on her face. In contrast, I’ve worked with and seen sisters who wear a habit that resembles a business suit, or a modified habit which falls mid-calf and is even simpler than the habits already worn by sisters and nuns.

While I am not Christ’s spouse through vows, I along with every other Catholic is called to live modestly and with temperance. Every woman who takes vows privately or publicly to be Christ’s spouse and to be with Him for ever, has the duty to be acting and engaging as He did on earth. Christ was never immodest nor did He ever hide or deny who He was and is. I was mad this morning because I work hard to develop a personal and professional life that is congruent with my spiritual life. Yet, here is a woman who is Christ’s spouse through religious vows, and her dress doesn’t distinguish how she is separate, as Christ is separate, from the world. Jesus was sought by throngs of people, and religious can’t be sought by people hungry to know Christ, blind without His light, if they aren’t appearing any different than a hip grandmother.