Keep Your …

Christmas music out of my Advent.

KOST, a soft rock / r+b / love song station here in Los Angeles has been playing Xmas music for the past few weeks. They didn’t even wait for Thanksgiving, the radio station, along with several stores (and, no, not the craft stores) have been selling Christmas supplies and items since prior to Halloween even ending. I’ve been getting at least a dozen emails every day this week about Black Friday, online, offline, cyberspace and in stores. It’s sickening. Christmas, of course, is not about gifts, at least not the material kind. Christians, the world over have made this point quite clear with catchy phrases and slogans, which all get drowned out in the materialistic march. 

I have come to dislike Christmas in this light. The kind of Christmas I like is quiet, filled with awe for God, stillness for Mary, and terrible wonder at the things God’s beings will do for His Only Son. I love Christmas Mass, the more solemn the better, for the Solemnity. In that moment you and I rip off the brightly colored paper and marvel at the gift inside, you’re killing Christ inside, cutting and carving Him out and vainly trying to fill the cavity with rings, jewels, video games, clothes, &c. I like gifts, I do want to receive them. However, I don’t let that get in the way of Christ. I can leave these gifts behind, sell them, let them go because they cannot give me anything close to what Christ and His Church offers and gives willingly. Can you leave them in the field to find the Infant in the manger?