It’s a long way down
the hallway
rugs play with lines
and planes
memories run
in shadows
to fog the present


Forward Boldly: Interview with Rick Delano / The Principle

I’ve written about this here previously. Recently the producers of this documentary titled “The Principle” showed up in online newsfeed and in my email inbox as well via ChurchMilitant

This Evening: January 11th of 2014 at 7pm PST, 10pm EST

Christine de Niles, host of “Forward Boldly” radio show will have Rick DeLano, Producer/Writer of “The Principle” on to discuss live phone calls about the film “The Principle” in addition to discussing what implications it has on current theories of the layout of the universe, the significance of earth’s placement.

Forward Boldly: Interview with Rick DeLano, The Principle

HSF Challenge #1 Make do & Mend

I’ve hit a snag in that I’ve run out of funds for some things I’m doing for this, so I’m really making do! I woke up this morning to learn of a negative balance in my account because despite POST-DATING the blarney thing. In theory I had enough in the account to pay my therapist today, and enough to pay the insurance on payday. There’s a bank clerk somewhere I’d like to scold.

Pictures to come later

First is a skirt I made last May on a Come & See retreat with the Carmelites of the Sacred Heart of Los Angeles. It was one of the skirts I had to use during the retreat so I was in a rush to finish it. Haste makes waste. My hemline was uneven due to tension. It’s a hacked A-line from a skirt I purchased from Forever XXI.


The Challenge: #1

Fabric: cotton

Pattern: see below

Year: ?? 2011 – based off skirt purchased at Forever XXI

Notions: polyester-cotton thread from C&C; between quilting needle; embroidery scissors

How historically accurate is it? LOL maybe 5% since it’s hand-sewn?

Hours to complete: 1.5 (handsewn while reading blogs)

First worn: May 2012

Total cost: nothing, I already had the skirt, needles, thread and scissors

Second project is taken from a Simplicity pattern to make a high-waisted skirt from an already owned pattern for a dress. I went to JoAnn’s to look at the patterns and didn’t find anything I liked. I used some denim fabric in my stash bought as a remnant, which turned out to not be enough so I purchased 2/3 yd of additional denim. Since I couldn’t find a match for my swatch I bought some Rit dye which I’ll be using this weekend.

The Challenge: #1

Fabric: denim

Pattern: Simplicity 0270

Year: 2013

Notions: Rit Dye in Denim; 3 yds denim; linen quilter’s thread in white

How historically accurate is it?  not a clue

Hours to complete: 

First worn: not yet

Total cost: dye 2.39$ + 2/3 yd 9$ = 11.39$ + Calfornia sales tax = about 13$

Third, is a drop-front Regency dress inspired top. I love the empire-waist and the clean lines. I like the modesty of tunic shirts and dresses since I can use them for work, and especially for days when I have to transition between work and Mass for holy days of obligation.

The Challenge: #1

Fabric: flannel & muslin

Pattern: Simplicity 4055

Year: 1790s inspired

Notions: 2yds blackplaid in green; navy linen quilter’s thread; muslin toile; cotton from bedskirt (it didn’t fit my bed) for lining; quilting between needles

How historically accurate is it? 75% – hand-sewn; scoured internet for historical costuming sites for information on construction, largely used S&S and Jessamyn

Hours to complete: 1 week

First worn: not yet

Total cost: blood – stabbed myself under my left thumbnail, lots of fun.