Halloween Ideas

Interested in doing Halloween, yet not as interested in being a skimpy nurse, witch or Brittany-esque school girl?

Take Back Halloween has an interesting suggestion – for women to attire themselves in powerful women throughout the ages: Sumeria, Ancient Greece, to Jane Austen, and women-warriors. If you don’t consider it for Hallowe’en, then keep it in mind for when kids have projects to complete on innovative and historical women.


2 Replies to “Halloween Ideas”

  1. It’s an interesting thought. I’ve frequently found myself in Hallowe’en costumes that require a fairly long explanation – which is great when at work, or out for coffee with a few friends, but when I’m out at a social event, party, pub, or whatever, I find it a lot more challenging.. What did you do for the past Hallowe’en?

    1. I was trying – a week prior – to learn/research about, and make a Renaissance kirtle. Other than giving myself back pain for sewing for several hours straight and a permanent dimpled callous on my right pointer (I dislike thimbles), I shelved it for the spring. I wore a black skirt & orange blouse instead to work.

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