I’m off to see the wizard.

He doesn’t sit behind a green curtain. He’s in a tabernacle of gold, resting atop an altar of wood and marble, with crisp white altar linens. I wish I could be more certain of where my vocation takes me, as the flip-flop occurred again. Yesterday at daily 8am Mass I was thinking about the Norbertine nuns and their way of life. Why am I thinking about the Norbertines when I’m about to spend the weekend with the Carmelites?! I told God I needed more clarity during this weekend.

My last client of the day was a no-show. I came home a full one and a half hours early. I got a lot done: changed water in three fish tanks, did a full load of laundry, made and cleaned up after dinner, went for a run, cleaned Noah the Hamster’s cage. I packed. How does packing for two nights become such a huge ordeal? The reason lies in the fact this is not a discernment retreat per se, it’s a volunteer weekend. I was told to come with modest dresses or skirts and comfortable shoes. I will be working to help out with the sisters’ annual personal retreat; they have it scheduled into thirds (June, July & August). I’ll be volunteering for the retreat in August as well.

I paced as I packed. This week has been full with two different incidents, one between a friend, the other between co-workers, denigrating key points of the Catholic church. Want to take a guess? Mary, blessed ever virgin, and her Son’s presence in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar. I have noticed over the course of the week (it takes a busy introvert a while to fully process) that protestants (i.e. I’m referring to anyone outside of the Catholic Church) love to quote Scripture to prove Catholics wrong. When a Catholic quotes back, suddenly it’s “circular reasoning”. As I do not want to re-hash either of these incidents, suffice it to say I find the timing interesting pertaining to: my self-made retreat, and the recent awe-some feasts of Corpus Christi, Most Holy Trinity, and Sacred Heart of  Jesus.

Anyway, it’s 11pm (Thursday when I  wrote this). God bless.


Heard this statement recently:

If the Holy Spirit is united to God the Father and Jesus Christ the Son (the Triune God), It cannot deceive neither God nor Christ, as God cannot be deceived nor deceive. Therefore, if the Spirit can only lead the Church as one, then how can so many claim to be in a Church of God? How can the Spirit be divided against Itself? How can one  church affirm Biblical truths, and another not? As there is one God, one Triune God, there is one Church; not churches, not sects, not denominations.