I’m alive

I’m been sloshing my way through Catholic Match like a good Catholic woman. Still single, but you can direct complaints to St. Joseph and St. Jude.

I started a different job just a quarter mile from my previous location last June. It’s been treating me well.

I have a doggy. He’s the best hiking buddy, and bedtime snorer and farter a gal can ask for.


Therapy Oddities

  • When your client with OCD is late.
  • When a client says he/she is “nuts” but won’t use coping strategies.
  • When you have 10 clients scheduled every day. Eight show up.

quilt for kelly

Facebook Event: HERE

The quilting community is welcoming and supporting. Since joining a local one last September, I have received support and encouragement. Recently on FB an event has been created to provide an impoverished quilter with a new one for herself.

I have decided to learn to machine applique just for this. The first two were easily created:




However, I wanted to make a block with the recipient’s first initial “K”. First I sketched it during my morning at the office on a Post-It note. Then I drew it onto parchment paper.


I do not have a light box so I improvised with the clear lid of my thread sorter and the LED lights that hang on the wall of my den (welcome to apartment living).


I turned the parchment upside down and traced it onto my Heat n Bond Lite iron-on. I’m done for the evening after trimming out the pieces. Tomorrow I will iron the bits onto the fabric and then start ironing the pieces onto the background fabric.


Torrance Fabric Sale


In Old Town Torrance, CA

Starting July 6, 2017:
60% OFF from marked price for cut cloth in various length.
$1 each for Fat Quarter
$5 each for Half Yard cut fabric

30% OFF Japanese fabrics
50% OFF American, European and select Japanese fabrics, fabrics on a roll, notions, patterns and books and other merchandise in stock.