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Vocational Update II

I received a letter on the weekend of my birthday in November.  This is the text of the letter: + JMJ Praised be Jesus Christ! Dear Megan: May Our dear Lord reward you for your recent letter. We hope and … Continue reading

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Pain in Color

You’ve probably heard of the fascinating experience and phenomenon of Synesthesia. I’m been thinking about what it would be like to see colors with particular words, or have sounds that have precise matching tastes. Why? Well, I have on-going back … Continue reading

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Gee, Maybe I Need New Boots?!

I asked for new boots for my birthday. I got towels and soap. Maybe I can whittle the soap for new heels. What do you think?

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Twenty-nine years ago today, I was born. From what I hear, that was quite an event, lots of to-do about a wee little me. I was 2.2 lbs. I’m about 118lbs heavier now. When I started working, and especially since … Continue reading

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