Critter Care

I was so upset last night. My sister’s boyfriend’s sister (i.e. possible future sister-in-law) is leaving for India and needed someone to watch her two classroom pet mice. The girls have their own large tank with wire mesh top. I offered to take them for the summer because after Samuel the Hamster died in May, I brought two little mice home: Rita & Rachel.


I was told to not worry about one of the girlies because she “just has this scratching thing”. I took 10 minutes out of my evening after Bible Study to research causes of rashes, scratching and fur loss in mice. In ten minutes I was able to discover this mouse had a painful allergy to aspen shavings for bedding.


I decided she could not continue living in this condition any longer, and especially felt upset about this. I cleaned out the shavings, found moldy fruit snacks (remember, a classroom pet), unwashed tank. I scrubbed their running wheel, cubby/hut, waterbottle and food bowl with lavender soap. Cleaned cage with vinegar, and gave fresh water with some vitamin mix from Petsmart. Cage is now lined with CareFresh Ultra and timothy hay, tissue paper.

She’s calmer. A bit of Neosporin on her sores and scabs seems to have helped as well.

What has upset me a lot is not only the animal cruelty of letting an animal remain in pain. I’m not PETA and I like a hamburger or bison burger just as much as the next carnivore. Additionally these are classroom pets where children are supposed to be learning caring for each other and other creatures on God’s green earth. They are supposed to be learning empathy and self-less caring and how to do what needs to be done to alleviate the pain of others. Yet, these little mice were not shown any of this!