Sarah’s Law

The Child and Teen Safety and Stop Predators Act of 2008
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Dear Pro-Family Supporter,

“Sarah” was only 15 when she became pregnant and decided to have an abortion. During surgery the abortionist unknowingly tore her cervix and then sent her home. That week, Sarah’s body was ravaged with severe infections related to the botched abortion. Even the hospital ICU couldn’t save her because no one knew. Sarah died. Her parents didn’t know she was pregnant. Her parents didn’t know she had an abortion. Her parents could have saved her, if they had known.

Sarah’s Law is a new Family notification Initiative slated for the Novemeber 2008 ballot. Sarah’s Law will require a doctor to notify a parent of an under-18-year-old girl 48 hours prior to performing an abortion on her. In addition, Sarah’s Law provides that if a minor girl is from an abusive home, the doctor may instead notify another adult family member (such as an aunt, grandmother, or older sibling over 21 years) of the pending abortion.

We need all the help you can give us to collect the 700,000 signatures by March 30 in order to qualify Sarah’s Law for the 2008 ballot. Every signature counts. No effort is too small.

Please use the petition sheets right away and collect signatures from family, friends, and co-workders who are California registered voters.

You can call toll-free (866) 828 8355 or email to request more petitions.

In addition, if you can help Sarah’s Law financially, you can contribute by logging onto and make a secured donation.

Let’s pass Sarah’s Law together and protect our young teen girls. A parent or other family member should know if a minor child is having surgery, whatever the surgery may be.