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I’ve noticed something, when I read the blogs of other women who have entered religious life, and leave their blog running for the sake of future readers, education, information, to say “I was here”, &c. All their blogs are explicitly … Continue reading

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Be Polite

Dear person from Craigslist: Yes, you have my word that the futon is yours. Please be kind in turn and let me know when I can expect you to pick it up. You’re not the cable guy who comes between … Continue reading

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Can be attricious. The situation: My roomate made plans beginning of May to move out and did so this past Sunday. I’m swinging rent in excess of $1500 by myself for August. I’ve found a place to share with coworker … Continue reading

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Brain Vomit order that is set up to service a particular parish, if I read it correctly. The Generalate, is in Rome, of course as many are! But I can’t tell if they are only in Rome, or in the United … Continue reading

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