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What’s the Significance?

As a kid going to school in the 90s, I’m still getting used to the idea that Pluto isn’t a planet anymore. As someone who’s struggled with math and science, I’ve come to understand that I know very little about … Continue reading

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RIP Rita

When Sammy died in early May, I got Rita soon after. The empty cage full of rodent toys mocking me from it’s corner. She was my wee furry acrobat, climbing and swinging just like Sammy had. Rita, nervous & timid, … Continue reading

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darkness soaring into darknesscold holding coldfragility rejecting strengthsmothered into deathrejection equating freedoma soul collapsed infighting to avoid sheltersuffocating in unpercieved securityhoping on sufferance for libertyfalling from the lowest precipicesuppressed and deadenedtimeless and lovelessvigor in descentreviviscent surrendersimple elegancealways ever wantedempire of … Continue reading

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