A frugal dinner

Salmon curry with wild rice; cocktail of personal choice.

1 can of salmon
1/3 cup of plain yogurt
1/4 cup mix of chopped green onions & cilantro.
2 tbs oil (veggie, sunflower, etc) mixed with the following
  1/2 tsp tumeric
  1/4 ginger
  Pepper to taste
  Curry to taste
3 cloves garlic minced/pressed
1/2 onion chopped

Curry: spices, yogurt, oil
Salmon: drained, rinsed & drip dry

In 1 pan cook onion til translucent, add garlic. Then add salmon.

Another pan: oil, spices, blend yogurt. Taste, add more if wanted. Pour green onions & shallots on top. (Optional: lime juice). Set aside.

Make rice per instructions.
Put finished rice in bowl bottom. Mix salmon with curry, pour on top.




Not frugal dinner

Sorry, but I’m sick of ramen until Friday when I have to consume it again (abstinence from meat easier than Vatican II prescriptions).

I got bratwurst, various ales & stouts, and “roasted garlic” cheddar. Perfect for tomorrow after TLM (Tridentine Latin Mass) for feast of Assumption of Momma Mary. Plus, have an out-of-town friend to treat; home-cooked is a treat for any bachelor. Don’t get any ideas!

Nice stouts & ales from Cost Plus/World Market. Cheese is cheaper there, and from red velvet pancake mix too! I feel like a kid in there. I’m delightfully girly today with an organic strawberry ale. Not for long though as I’m going clubbing on Friday & looking forward to the whiskey, just no Jack please (JD is vile bile, and he ain’t no “gentleman” either).

Meal Fit For An Enemy

Write about what you would cook for an enemy.


I enjoy cooking and try to show off some skill in the process. It’s not necessarily about flair and delicacy, but the pairing of flavors and finding different dishes and recipes. If I were to cook a meal for an enemy, I’d like to do a full meal: appetizer, main entrée, and dessert.

I’ve been wanting to perfect a dish using unsweetened dough for cream puffs, but instead of using the sweet cream filling, I want to find a way to create a fine, light olive paste. Or maybe blend cream cheese with some herbs: lavender and lime mix well. While these would usually be served chilled, but it would be neat and different to serve them warm.

The main dish should play on the flavors of the appetizer. So, the lime and lavender of the puffs could be balanced out with either something creamy or spicy. I would like to make a vegetable borscht goulash, but put in some spice. There are two ways I could do that: (a) mince a habanero pepper and put it into the dish to simmer or (b) cut the habanero into pieces but in such a way that I could fish them out later. However since I am cooking a meal for an enemy, I would do it the first way: mince the pepper and leave it in.

Dessert will not be cool to soothe now-burning palate of the diner. I love to go back to the original citrus flavors of the appetizer. Lemon-lime flavored meringues, key lime pie, or tangy plain yogurt with some fruit. How about, plain yogurt with lemon zest and blueberries.