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October Art

I’m leaving dollhouses behind for this: en estilo de Día de los Muertos. Que hace tu? May sell it when complete for $35 via Etsy.

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ASH #9: A bet with God

God, a deity, who is supposed to be bigger, badder and better than me, or you. I suppose because I’ve never seen him. Although I have a tome of 73 books that I read at breakfast & dinner that tells … Continue reading

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without you I became cold, breathless, and eventually lifeless and this was the road you had taken me down down through the rambles, into the tangles you brought me into the darkness knowing I would need it, need to use … Continue reading

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something happened and I became lost in the tangle. I heard you say, far and away, to stay focused and to stay with you. Eyes peeled as grapes and breath held to burning, I couldn’t stay with you and I … Continue reading

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Lenten Reflection

Lent is a solemn and sober season.  It is at once my most favorite, and one that I do not always look forward to with eagerness, but I do look forward to it with a certain spiritual sobriety and longing. … Continue reading

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