Requested a Spiritual Director

I have put in the request for a spiritual director both here at home, and done at my alma mater in Los Angeles. Why both? Because I’m making no progress here at home with my spiritual life, and if I do get re-accepted to my alma mater for graduate school, I will need a director near campus. There is a good chance that my spiritual director here at home will be a sister from the Daughters of Mary & Joseph. I knew Sister briefly, back when I still was close enough to a teenager to help with the teen activities; she would come over for dinner with the teens and help me and the adults. Her community is getting older, and smaller as the older sisters pass away. It’s sad, really.

Still job hunting, but I have an interview tomorrow at 9am, down in Los Angeles. in the meantime I am still applying for jobs, which means being online. I went online on Saturday to post my resume and apply for jobs; I got kicked off the server twice. Yesterday mom was online, for about 2 hours, and she got barely anything done. Sometimes it can take more than a few minutes for a page to load. Today, though things are faster.

One good thing about college, and saving nearly everything from notebooks to recommended resources, is that when you can no longer find them online, I can find them under the bed or crammed into the book shelf. I found the packet of volunteer sites, which was no longer listed at the university’s psychology department webpage. The bad thing is that I’m running out of room in my bookshelf, and my text books are so heavy that the shelves sag. That’s not good is it?

Have I read your comments? Yes! I decided to stop drifting as Sr. Rita told me not to do back in January/February over the phone. Since then I have been drifting, as you’ve clearly seen from my most recent posts. I don’t like drifting, but I also don’t like making choices until I’m absolutely certain that I’m doing the right thing. . . . makes discernment a difficult process, this needing to be sure beyond all doubt. So, as the first paragraph says, I have asked for a spiritual director, and I will likely have Sister’s phone number by the end of this week. In fact, I might not have to wait for R. to send it to me, when I have a booklet of I don’t know how many religious orders, and I know that I’ve seen the DMJ in it.

In the mean time, I am job hunting, as I have already said above. But I am also sewing. I’ve finished one table topper, and about to finish another. The one that is done is in black and bright colors so that the red, yellow, blue and green stand out. I manipulated the color placement on the fifty-forty block so that it looks like tulips, or flowers. I’ll probably sell it online as mom doesn’t like dark colors at all. . . .

Anyway, back to the job hunt.