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I broke the cake

I’m sure all the home bakers have seen this: Well, I’ve done that. Today, even though it’s Lent, I may have surpassed this. I added 8oz of cream cheese, with the number of called for eggs, and replaced the milk … Continue reading

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Peas, please

See the problem with my sugar snap peas? Guess I have to eat them quickly this week. Good deal, though, from the 99¢ store. I view them as a harbinger of spring. 75°F feels like summer.

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A frugal dinner

Salmon curry with wild rice; cocktail of personal choice. 1 can of salmon 1/3 cup of plain yogurt 1/4 cup mix of chopped green onions & cilantro. 2 tbs oil (veggie, sunflower, etc) mixed with the following   1/2 tsp … Continue reading

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small changes, small steps

Yesterday I ate breakfast (1 donut & 1 12oz coffee), lunch & dinner (frozen asian dinner microwave thing). Ate 2 donuts & a 16oz coffee for breakfast this morning. Went light on lunch, since eating food is new. Felt sick … Continue reading

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A Pair of Rants

I am contemplating a permanent move from my Xanga blog to here on Blogger. Xanga has begun in recent years to foster “-ish” sites like ManCouch which is often derogatory towards women and is the ole boys club; Datingish which … Continue reading

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